Flour Mill

Flour Mill

The mill was manufactured by Meadows Mill on July 27, 1933 in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. It is a Stone Burr Mill, which is run by a tractor belt pulley. Today, the mills are still made by the same company, only are now run by electricity. The Meadows Mill Company had its beginning around the 1900's. A mechanically inclined Baptist minister, Reverend William Calloway Meadows, designed and built a burr mill with stones mounted in a vertical position as opposed to the horizontal type generally used up until that time. The reverend began manufacturing these mills and obtained a patent on his design in 1907.  In 1908, a group of North Wilkesboro men purchased the WC Meadows Mill Company, erected a factory in North Wilkesboro, and continued manufacturing the Stone Burr Mills on an enlarged scale.  Production reached its peak during the WWI period of the early 1920’s.  The Meadows Mill Company has nearly 90 years of family ownership and has dated records of each mill that was ever made.  They can look up the serial number and give the exact date in which the mill was made.

The Anderson brothers, Loren and Claire, enjoy running the flour mill.  Throughout the years, they have ground a variety of grains. Wheat is the most popular, but rye, buckwheat, and corn have also been ground.

While operated by the Anderson brothers, the mill is owned by one of the show’s founders.  The building that houses the flour mill was designed and built by Jim Nelsen, who used lumber sawn from logs at the saw mill on site for some of the construction.

The Stone Burr Mill at the site had its stones dressed in 1997.  Because of this, very fine flour can now be ground.  During the show, fresh-ground flour is available for sale for $2.00 a bag.  Be sure to stop by the Flour Mill (next to the Gas Station building) to buy yourself a bag, and request a free handout containing several delicious homemade bread recipes!

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