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World Record Attempts Successful

 The Albert City Threshermen & Collectors were successful at their world record attempt for the greatest number of draft horses plowing which took place Saturday, Aug. 13 at 4 p.m. There were 120 draft horses that plowed simultaneously for one minute and eighteen seconds. To break the record, the furrow had to be plowed to a depth of at least six inches. The event was made even more difficult as a thunderstorm approached minutes before the start and dumped rain over the 800 foot plowing field. This record will still need to be verified, but it is expected to break the current record of 84 draft horses plowing simultaneously for one minute. That record is held by a draft horse organization in the U.K. 

An attempt to set a new world record for the greatest number of mules plowing simultaneously was also made during the Albert City Threshermen & Collectors Show. It was done Sunday, Aug. 14 at 1 p.m. The event was successful with 27 mules plowing for one minute and six seconds. The furrow was plowed to a depth of eight inches. Once verified, this would be a new world record. 

Both of these events were held during the 46th annual Threshermen & Collectors Show which featured Horsepower this year. The feature brought over 200 horses and mules to the show to participate in a wagon train, plowing and other horse-powered farming activities. They came from far and near including the states of Penn., South Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Minnesota, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Iowa.

Help us document our successful world record attempts!

We are looking for photos and videos to help us document these successful world record attempts. Please send us your photos and video links to photos@albertcitythreshermen.com.

Upcoming Show Features

The 2017 show is featuring Case and for the special 175th anniversary we are proud to host the International J.I. Case Heritage Foundation, the J.I. Case Collectors' Association, the Northland Case Collectors and the Missouri Screamin’ Eagles for their annual summer shows.

2018 will bring in enthusiasts of Ford as we host the national Ford-Fordson Collectors for their summer show.

In 2022, the Minneapolis-Moline Collectors will return for their summer show.

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